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Pro Table Tennis Video Series

Pro Table Tennis Video Series

Backhand Loop Training for Table Tennis, Part 2 Product Information In Backhand Loop Training for Table Tennis pt 2, Brian Pace gets more strategic and tactical about how to use the Backhand Loop in ...

Textbook Table Tennis Video

Textbook Table Tennis Video

Join DTT Premiere Coach Brian Pace as he shares his training system in the Textbook Table Tennis video. This video has been designed to teach you the all the necessary basic skill that encompasses the sport of table tennis. This training video is meant to do the following: Improve you...

Dynamic - Harmony

Dynamic - Harmony

This theory is the main theme of the first video, and the backbone of the entire training series. “Dynamic Harmony” is a systematic approach to how to play each shot technically perfect. Each skill discussed uses this theory, and if you implement it correctly, the skill will be the most out of...


Dynamic Table Tennis Training Systems


Dynamic Table Tennis Training Systems is committed to being your ultimate source for improving in the sport of table tennis. We are dedicated to providing you with different types of training products with the goal of you becoming the best table tennis player you can be.

Brian Pace, the creator of Dynamic Table Tennis, has taken over 15 years to put his training methods into video. He is 3-Time Collegiate Champions, a top American player, and USATT Certified National Coach. Each training video uses the theme of systematic component-based training to teach the sport of table tennis.

Brian has spent the majority of his coaching career implementing “Dynamic Table Tennis Training Systems” to his clients as a covert operation, because he believes in creating credibility one client at a time. Brian has perfected an approach to offering his training methods that appeals to all table tennis enthusiasts looking to improve.

I’m a coach for the common man, and if you are looking to improve in table tennis at any level, then there is something here for you.

We encourage you to take a look through the site to see if there is a particular product or service that appeals to you. We will constantly expand the content on the site to fit the needs of all table tennis players.

Every week, we will add table tennis content that includes tournament highlight footage, video articles, articles on health and fitness, and equipment reviews from all major companies.

Endorsement from - Todd Sweeris – 2-time US Olympic Table Tennis Team Member

Brian has made learning table tennis organized, fun, and yet, challenging. Each video allows you the opportunity to learn more complex techniques, as well as more complex concepts. This Video Series is for any person that simply wants to get better.

And in other news


Promo Video

Click to play video Dynamic Table Tennis Training Systems presents the "Train Smart Video Series", coming soon. These are specific video that address certain aspects of table tennis, and will be available for direct download. Check back soon for the release date.


Interview with Barney Reed Jr.

Click to play video This interview is with Barney Reed Jr. He was informed that he could not play in the Nationals, because the United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA) overturn his current ban that was over, and added 9 more month, which ends on May 10th. Barney explains what transpired in this interview.


2008 Cary Cup

Click to play video Text descriptions here ...

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I’m a coach for the common man, and if you are looking to improve in table tennis at any level, then there is something here for you.

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