About Brian Pace


Watching Carl Lewis run around the LA track at the 1984 Olympics draped in the American flag was the day that I knew I would be an athlete. Two years later I stumbled onto table tennis and that was it. I have spent the greater part of my life involved with table tennis at almost every level. I have over 20 years of experience in hands on practical ways of teaching table tennis, and now it’s in video format for all.

I’ve hit millions of balls as a player and a coach, and even though I have not coached an Olympian, I have trained with Olympians allowing me to be one of the premiere table tennis coaches in the US. I have coach clients to National Titles, but I have found my calling in table tennis offering component-based training to players of all levels. I’m not banking on my name as an athlete here. I’m banking on my ability to systematically explain how to learn every technique in table tennis, master it, and WIN with it.

So I’m a real guy with a lifelong love affair with table tennis, and I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to create an existence that is mine. What I love about table tennis being an individual sport is what I got out of it is exactly what I put in. I’m simply applying that same model to my career as a table tennis coach, and business owner. The type of products on this site is a statement of my style, training approach, identity, and overall experience in the sport of table tennis. I know what I get out of this “Dynamic Experience” is exactly what I put in. I think that also goes for you.

Brian Pace Bio

Nicknames: Big Su, Speed Pacer, Black Knight, and the list goes on.
Why I play: It’s a really cool sport, mediation, to stay fit, plus I still got skills
Sponsored by: No one owns me
What I lust for: FREEDOM
Where do you reside: The Dirty South
Personal Motto: Live to Play, Loop to Win
Best Affirmation: Losing is learning, so go out and get to learning

We at Dynamic Table Tennis want to have a progressive relationship with the growth of table tennis in the world. With how intricate this sport is it’s imperative to be able to go to a place that allows you to find a training product that is exactly what you need to improve. Well, this website has done that and Dynamic Table Tennis Training Systems is the product that encompasses everything you need to improve. You are here because you want to learn how to play anyway, right? We form a circle because you want to learn how to play or play better, and we want you to learn the best way to play.

There are a lot of different table tennis products on this website, but I actually consider them as a true “SERVICE”. My goal is to reach anyone that wants to get better in table tennis. I’m equally happy dealing with a beginner as I work with someone that has the world’s ambition of being great.

There are 9 distinct training videos that address every aspect of table tennis. There are other training resources, like the downloadable workouts that are specific to isolating a certain skill in your game. In addition, we have an online coaching program for a person that wants to learn to train properly and want to have their program hand crafted each month, and sent to them in video form.

However, what you purchase on this site has to absolutely speak to you. I’m interested in you spending money, not wasting money. If a description of a particular video or downloadable workout does not speak directly to you, PLEASE don’t buy it. Contact me, so I can get you what you NEED, as opposed to what you WANT. This Training System is a modern, exciting, organized, and is presented in a very hip fashion. Take Dynamic Table Tennis for a Spin.