BP Reloaded 2015 is going to be a soft sale of returning back to table tennis competition. I created DTT so I could have free time to do what I wanted, and looping is right at the top of my life. Since DTT transformed into a “Need Fish” of a girlfriend I had to sacrafice the aspect of my life that cost the most, and gave back the least, and that was looping. I’m now nearing the end of DTT being a “Needy Fish”, and I see the time of me looping everyday once again.

The main reason I really didn’t play tournament is because I couldn’t give it the attention that it required. I couldn’t go to the tournament playing 100 points less than my level, because the person that beat me didn’t care that I was 5 years removed from competing and 13lbs over weight. They are going to go on the Internet and say, “I beat Brian Pace”. So I enjoy my sabbatical from high level competition, but I did stay in technical shape by still training a bit. I stayed in physical shape by still training on the road and mountain bike.

This time around coming out of retirement has to be grounded in reality. I don’t expect to every reach 2600 again, because I’m not willing to train that hard. But I do know I can reach a level of 2450-2500 and be competitive in my local area and region. It also had to be smart, so I am activating my favorite 3 training partners, Jay Mau, Rafael Flores, and Richard Ciz. These guys don’t even know it, but they gonna be blocking this loop real soon.

This time around I’m creating a different landscape, because DTT has created a new world for me expand my brand by finding sponsors. Not the normal table tennis sponsor. I’m talking about companies that are willing to sponsor you because you truly bring them benefit. I have created that and my goal is to find 17-20 sponsor to fill up my DTT uniform. The goal is find companies that can supplement what I was spend to actually buy their product by promoting their company. That is a way of keeping money in my pocket. If I find enough of these sponsors, then I can actually say that I created professional deal.

As an elite cyclist working for Metr-x Worldwide as a Sports Nutritionist, I have had the unique opportunity of trying a lot of products that were made for athletes. Over time the quality of the product as improved, as well as the taste. If you are going to approach a company, then you want to make sure that you understand their product, as well as what it will do for you. To help you get started, you will need something that helps categorize where to put the product on a chart. If you are trying to fill up a uniform, you want to make sure their are different product not competing for the same benefit.
Sponsorship Category Chart - CategoriesProducts you can buy will basically fall somewhere into one of these categories. You want products that will increase speed, power, endurance, and recovery. You want to boost weight loss, general health, or detoxification. The last one is finding a table tennis sponsor. As a player that was sponsored I don’t rate this one nearly as high, but it may be necessary at some point. The first sponsor of BP Reloaded is the company Tru Toniqs, with their amazing energy boosting drink Brain Toniq.
  Brain Toniq is the first sponsor to get prime real estate on the DTT uniform.
BP Reloaded Sponsor 1 - Brain ToniqBrain Toniq is the first sponsor to get prime real estate on the DTT uniform. I love where are on the shirt, and since they have already signed on for 2015, I decided to have them right above my title logo. I want to get a balance of companies to sponsor me, and for that to happen, you need to create some type of standard so you don’t have a lot of the same type of companies entering into agreement with you. Brain Toniq is the only Endurance drink for BP Reloaded drink. Below is where it is categorized.

Sponsorship Category Chart - 1. Brain ToniqThis is the type of product that will help boost your focus and energy at the end of a training session or tournament. As you play each match, the body becomes more and more physically fatigued and emotionally fatigued, especially if the player is putting up resistance. Brain Toniq is the secret weapon that gives you that boost in focus when you are starting to become mentally drained.

What you have to focus on with herbs is that they kick in and work when you have created the stress precursors. These herbs are called “Adaptogens”, and the main function of adaptogens is to increase the body’s ability to cope and deal with stress. That stress can be physical with regards to your exertion, and that stress can be mentally with regards to the intense focus required. As a Table Tennis player, putting in a full effort at the end of the match is how your body will get the benefit out of Brain Toniq when it matters. This is really effective when you are in the most critical part of the match when you need to stay focused on making the best tactical play.

My Brain Toniq package sits right on my “Athlete Fridge”, and it will be used in every facet of my life. I will down drinks when I have planned to do a short workout with high intensity that needs total focus. I will have it in my water bottle at the end of my workout as my last lap secret weapon to be at my best. I will use it as a way to stay focused when I’m at my computer creating training programs. There is a stash in the fridge and on top will get me through this fall season of training. The good people a Tru Toniqs have also signed on for 2015, and look forward to promoting their products.
20140829_134158-707x1024If you want to learn more about tru toniqs and which product will work for your focusing, training, and competition needs, go to http://www.braintoniq.com/