Building a brand in table tennis was something that was forced on me. I have cut a path that not many people are able to do it as well, or keep up with my progression. Trust me when I say that I was trying to be assimilated by the system. I was trying to fit in to work for a company and simply receive a paycheck. What you will discover while reading this extremely long story is, some people are born to be entrepreneurs. What I realized is something was busting out of me, and it was creative freedom.

I can say with all honesty that walking away from being sponsored by Butterfly was the final nail in the coffin with regards to me being in the system, and it was the best decision that I ever made. Just to give you a brief (long) history on my story, Butterfly is in my hometown, and that is how I got started in Table Tennis. After 12 years of being sponsored I was offered a deal to endorse a racket with my name on it. I accepted the deal, and only received 1% of yearly sales. I stayed under contract with Butterfly on this racket deal for 10 years, where I saw the company make over $100k per year. Here is were the problem is, I was the person responsible for paying for my career, training full-time, and attending tournaments. This improved my status as a player, but it didn’t result in anything financially tangible. Below is the Butterfly “Brian Pace” racket, which was the number 1 selling racket for pre-made rackets in North America. After watching those small royalty checks come in, the novelty of it all started to wear off pretty quick.

Brian Pace Bty Racket
The reason that I was never really bent out of shape over such a low percentage is, 5 other players with deals like this had the same percentage. I saw players that were historically ranked higher than me walk away from the racket deal like Razvan Cretu, Mark Hazinski, and Eric Owens. What Butterfly did is simple replace them with another player that was happy to take the deal. I wasn’t even supposed to have the racket deal that I got it, because it was offered to a really good friend of mine and training partner, Sean Lonergan. Sean was offended by the deal and requested to get out of the contract if he found a better deal from another country down the line.  When Butterfly came to me they explained that Sean had better results than me, and they were going with him, and I truly wasn’t offended. I had already been witness to the negative undertone of the players that had signed deals, and I didn’t want 1%.

What Butterfly ultimately decided was it was worth it to go with a player that was loyal like me, because I never negotiated anything higher when I was offered a contract each year. The next month the owner came to me really desperate for me to sign the contract, because the rackets needed to go into production and they need to put a name on that handle. I took the deal because I knew I was helping him out more than I was helping out myself. Razvan received $235.00 in royalties, and something about that was disgusting. But sense the owner taught me how to play, I felt loyal to him. Instead of having a sour attitude about the entire situation that I signed, I spent those 10 years searching for a way to make enough money to call myself a “Table Tennis Professional”. I was less concerned with being a “Professional Player”, because I knew there was no money down that path. I wouldn’t have to fight to get a higher percentage if I owned it. I also wouldn’t have to feel offended by such a low offer, if I was the creator. I was willing to let fate decide how successful I would be, and not a company.

I won 2 National Titles a Broward College, and they didn’t give me a big budget, but they did give me access to everything I needed to run tournaments. So, I started focusing on running tournaments for my college as a way to make money, which was a great way to fund my table tennis travel and my own pockets. They didn’t care where the money went, so I ran a tournament each month and during this time I was really making an effort to see if I could run tournaments as a lifestyle as a table tennis professional. Over time I decided that it was just not worth, because there were too many moving parts. Rounding up tables from all my students and getting a U-haul was just a waste of time. The money was good, because I could make $3000.00 in one day, but it wasn’t one day of work.

Up next was moving to Europe to see if I could make a living as a Professional Table Tennis player. This was when I ran into a set of sophisticated circumstances that made it a real challenge. I ended up going to Romania, because it was the only place I could get a proper deal. The problem was with me being American, because we weren’t a part of the European Union. Based on the rules of playing in the league in Europe, each time had 4 European Union players from those countries, and one “Non-European” union player. On each team there was a Chinese player, which made it impossible for me to get on any team. The deal in Romania didn’t offer money, so I coached during the summer in South Florida to save up to make money to go back to Romania. I still had a club at the time, and the fitness club kicked back 30% of the membership to me, which was about $900.00 per month. That was enough money to live in Constanta, Romania. Eliza Samara, Iulia Neculia, and Andrei Filimon were in this program and training was out of this world. I knew that this was a road to nowhere, because I wasn’t good enough to replace any Chinese players.

After 3 years of that, I returned to the US. I was looking for some type of lifestyle in table tennis, and I ended up taking a job with North American Table Tennis. They ran tournaments for different sponsors, but their main sponsor was Stiga. I came on in a weird capacity, and I found it difficult to find my footing with regards to where I would fit in. I then realized I was there as the “Butterfly Connection”, since I was sponsored by them. Somehow I became the “Go Between” with regards to Butterfly signing on to do a Tour of tournaments with Butterfly as the sponsor. I was even given a raise in anticipation of getting the deal. NATT had watched me run tournaments with Butterfly as the sponsor and I was the best person to bring Butterfly under their umbrella.

After talking with the owner, I realized there was some serious bad blood there from a deal that went bad about 5 years back. Butterfly basically said they would never work with NATT on anything. So I was stuck with NATT living in Maryland, with no Butterfly deal, and a raise that he had already given me. That was when I saw my stock go down dramatically. If there was a low point in my life, it was working for NATT. The owner there was younger than me, and not really good at talking with people when things weren’t were they were supposed to be. If he didn’t want you with the company anymore, he just started giving you the most awful jobs. I saw it happen to their guy that was the official announcer for each tournament, and it was happening to me.

It was all being orchestrated by this girlfriend. I lived in Maryland before, and she was a life guard with no college education, or table tennis experience that just hung around at the club and watched us train. When I came back, she was his right hand person, because they were dating. She still didn’t have any experience, but she had a big influence. If she didn’t like you, she made sure that your days were numbered. The owner put together some table tennis professionals that had name recognition, a unique knowledge on table tennis, and she fit into none of that. When the Butterfly deal with south, I saw my role in the company activity go from high-priority, to downright disrespectful. It started with putting 40 tables in the back of an 18-wheeler by myself. Next was sitting outside his house and watching the plumbers to make sure that they were working on his new warehouse without farting around. It ended with him giving me the task of putting labels on the entry form for the upcoming North American Teams. That wasn’t that bad, but him asking me to come to the office to get the entry forms, and going to my apartment instead of in the office at my desk is what finally pulled the wool over my eyes.

I realized that he wanted me out just like the announcer, and I was starting to see a frustration in his girlfriend as if she was trying to offend me to advance it. I had my ear so close to the track with the daily task that he gave me, that I didn’t even bother to see how the mood had shifted when I was around, but I got it. Once I really got notice of it, I planned my exit strategically. I used my last 3 weeks of vacation to go back to Romania to train and clear my head. I came back to Maryland, played one tournament, got one more week of pay, then quit. Because I do consider myself a humble person, I did right the owner of NATT a 4 page letter about what he was doing wrong. As an owner he doesn’t have a strong enough personality to make the tough decisions, and his girlfriend had absolutely no tact.

He also never really looked at the skillset of the worker to put everyone in their respected place based on all the job titles. The worst offender was he had his non-college educated, life guard girlfriend with no specific table tennis ability or skills calling the shots from the bedroom. It became obvious that she only approved of people who wouldn’t stand up to her. She was allergic to anyone with a strong personality, and what she made sure is the people around the owner were “Moist”. She needed soft dudes that would buckle under her pressure. I never bought into it, because I saw her insecurity, but I was always tactful, because her best quality was being the girlfriend. I did feel compelled to tell him all of this because he was letting his girlfriend ride shotgun, and ruin the environment with people had had more important skillsets than her.

Men lead with their head, and she was leading with her heart. It was immaturity on his part, and he created a work environment that reflected what she was comfortable with. The letter was not hateful, it was done with tactfulness and eloquence, but that is not how it was received. I thought I did him a favor, but it became apparent that they were spiteful. When I left, their camp started speaking out. They went to Butterfly and said that I was lazy. I wasn’t lazy, I just didn’t know where I fit in, because sitting out at his house for 4 hours waiting for FedEx to pick up a table, wasn’t a real job. Butterfly let him know that he taught me how to play table tennis, and I also worked for Butterfly, and I was one of the hardest workers he has ever met in his life. Keith Alban is one of my personal friends and training partners, and they told him they should have gave him a mop to clean up the floor. That is what they thought of a 2500 rated player that ran tournaments, and was a part-time coach. Just like Butterfly, Keith came to my support by saying that he has never seen anyone train has hard as me. The owner has been hit with a rebuttal again. I would think that the owner of NATT would have searched his soul to survey how he could have used someone with so many skillsets, but it turned into an attack on my character. While they say this, I’m at the US Open having my best performance ever, by making the quarterfinals of Men’s Singles. So much for no work ethic.

I never said anything in the public about how bad the experience was, because I wished no ill-will on anyone there. I would have respected him more if we just sat down and said, it’s not working out. But he had the announcer offer me a job, fly me to Maryland, all the while wanting to use me to get Butterfly on board. I didn’t place blame on him, I place it on me. I should have looked closer at the landscape of the company and what I could provide them over a 5-year period. When I look back at it, that job was also a road to nowhere because moving tables was the only viable job. I realized I was a tool for him to get what he wanted, and the relationship went stagnant once that goal wasn’t reached. I need that experience, because I was on to the next.

So now I’m starting from scratch like walking off the plane from 3 years in Romania. I realize that the biggest hype is trying to keep up the lifestyle of being a professional player. I trained 4 hours a day, and all it did was cost me 4 hours that I couldn’t get back. Butterfly never put money on my contract in an amount that could pay me to actually train. I was train on my own free time. That was when I decided to retire in 2004. Some players retire when they feel that their skillset has diminished and it’s time to move over. Some players retire when they feel like they want to move into the next stage of their life. I was retiring because being a professional table tennis was simple, STUPID. When I say stupid, I mean it was stupid at this point in my life. Being a player brought me nothing. That is when I started looking at what I could with this knowledge I had attained, but the business had to be primarily hands-off. That is when I went back to find a flashdrive from 1994 when I was in Augusta.

Here is where I take you into another story in table tennis gone bad, and this is going to rewind backwards 10 years. I had created a course curriculum for a program that I created. I was approached by 2 white dudes to ask a black Senator for funding of a table tennis program. I presented the program to Senator Walker, and he approved the program for $15,000. That meant I could coach kids, pay myself, and continue to play table tennis. Now, I didn’t know that the person that was in charge of my table tennis program that worked for the newspaper Augusta Chronicle, was in direct conflict with Senator Walker’s newspaper, the Augusta Focus. These factions didn’t like each other, and it showed in what they printed about each other. The Augusta Chronicle reported good white news, and bad black news. And the Augusta Focus reported good black news, and bad white news. If you have been to Augusta, then you know that city consist of just white and black, and the conflict was real.

You have to ask, where I fit in all of this. Honestly, I didn’t see that I fit into the picture at all until the funding came in. After the funding came in, the rules changed. I was now an employee of the program, and had no say so in how the program was to be run. I told Senator Walker I had a location in an apartment complex there the leasing office would let me put a table and coach the kids there. It was an attempt to have the kids come from school, do their homework, then come to the game room to play table tennis at no charge. Because I was never in a meeting, I have no idea what their mission statement was. I told Senator Walker I would make a table tennis champion from this program in 3 years, and now it was in the hands of a bunch of white guys.

I would find out what this was all about. In the Augusta Chronicle sports section, there was this big story about a new initiative to spread table tennis throughout the city of Augusta. They article went on to say that this program was funded by a grant approved by none other than Sen Normal Walker. What added to insult to injury was the picture in the article was 3 white table tennis players. I’m not one to stir the pot with regards to skin color, but these 2 white guys asked me to sell the grant to Senator Walker. They didn’t say a word the entire meeting. They just listened to me explain to him that I was going to copy the same template in becoming a champion that I had experienced. I’m sure Senator Walker would have wanted to see my face, since I was the person that was responsible for approving the grant. I’m also sure that he would have wanted all that news in the Augusta Focus.

I realized that I had been used. The owner of the program wanted Senator Walker to know the money that he approved for this young black man to coach table tennis had been filtered into the sports system of the Augusta Chronicle, his rival newspaper. After this I couldn’t look at the person in charge of our program without thinking negative thoughts. He tried to be nice to me by giving me really important task, but I realized I was just a tool. I don’t consult people very often, but I seeked the counsel of my mother to see if she could drop a golden nugget for me. I explained to her what had happened, and I was feeling really conflicted living in Augusta at this point.

My mother dropped a golden nugget that has stayed with me until this day. It is the single most important thing that has affected the path that I’m on in the business of table tennis. To explain my mother’s background, she worked at Wrangler for over 25 years. My dad died when I was 10 years old, and I am the youngest of 4 kids. My mother openly said she wouldn’t date until the last of us (Meaning Me) had graduated school, and was out of the house. Her job at Wrangler was she put hoops on the pants that came down the assemble line. She said, “You are an instrument for someone’s else agenda”. I put hoops on pants, Wrangler pays me, and we both are happy. Wrangler wants me to be in this seat from 9-5, and I want them to give me my check on Friday. That is how I pay the bill, buy food, and got you Nintendo games.

We have a honest relationship. I get my pleasure out of knowing that I’m directly responsible for the success of your belt working. See, I make sure your pants stay on, and both Wranlger and I know that. There is no doubt that you have been taken advantage of in this situation, but imagine not even being worth their time. If you can’t be used, then you are useless. Find a way to make the knowledge you have attained in table tennis work for you. She explained to me that leaving home at 15 years old to move to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado is not the normal path. It is a more ambitious path, and that is reserved for the most ambitious people. That was the exact nugget that I needed at that exact time.

That was when I raised my head up and I was no longer ashamed of what happened. I went to Senator Walker’s office and explained to him that I was used in this situation. He requested that I get my own non-profit bank account so he can give the money directly to me if I wanted to file again. I told him that it would be necessary because I wasn’t going to be in Augusta the following year to file again. I knew my days in Augusta were numbered, and Larry Hodges and Todd Sweeris had me visit Maryland for 10 days. That shook up things, because when I came back, I officially was no longer loyal to staying in Augusta. The owner could feel my disdain for him, and I couldn’t hide it anymore. He knew I didn’t look up to him any longer, and that made him feel uncomfortable. He tried to get me a scholarship at Paine College, which was the Historically Black College in town. All I saw was him putting that news in the Augusta Chronicle to further put it in the face of Senator Walker. So I refused to even attend the meeting, even when it was reschedule 5 times. The owner knew I was no longer on board. The following year I took a private coaching job in New Orleans, and that was the beginning of my life and career having a sharp upwards trajectory. The most conflict and resistance that I have ever experience in my life, happen when I was in Augusta. That experience left such an impression of me, that I have never been back to Augusta when I left in 1995. I’m thankful for that time, because it set the bar high for my “Conflict Threshold”.

I explained all that to say this. A viable business for table tennis was created on put on a floppy disk in 1994. That is my flagship video called Textbook Table Tennis. At some point that information was transferred to a usb drive. I was looking down the face of retirement, but I was never more excited about the future. I realized I was going to create a passive income with my knowledge of table tennis. I was going to create something like the Brian Pace racket and receive all the profits. I realized that the people didn’t care what equipment I was using. They wanted to loop like me. They wanted great footwork like me. They wanted to experience the success that I had experience during my career. That was when I realized that coaching would be my angle.

I was the only thing that I was the highest success rate with. When I took that coaching job in New Orleans, I made that kid a National Champion in less than one year. I took 2 years off of coaching, started with another kid, and made him a Two-Time National Champion. I had never looked at coaching as a real viable job. I only looked at it as a way to make money to fund my Professional Table Tennis career. After I retired the landscape was different, because I didn’t have to put the money back into the pot. It was going into my life, and not my lifestyle.

I realized my path was right in front of me, and it was the path of teach people how to reach their potential in table tennis. So, I went back to school to learn Video Production because I was convinced that what was on that usb drive was a training video. It was initially a workbook with images, and I decided animate it. This is how Dynamic Table Tennis was created. It was created out of a need to “Own My Existence” by offering the world something that was tangible, with me getting all profits.

In school I learned the everything about video production like script writing, story-boarding, animation, set design, and post production editing. I learned everything the professional way, and that is why you a a higher quality video stylistically when you look at my videos now. I also learned some web design, and eCommerce, which was very new at that time. Where this story brings Butterfly back into the fold is after I finished school, I saw a need to approach Butterfly to create a video program for their website. In 2008, no Table Tennis company in North America had a video program in place. I felt like it was a very unique market, but the wave of the future, because everyone responds to quality media. This would be a fantastic way to supplement my income while working on my DTT project. My wife wasn’t on board, and we decided that I would move from South Florida back to North Carolina and work for Butterfly on their video program.

If it looks promising, she could put in a transfer to the Raleigh office of being a Mental Health Therapist. The job was a smash success right from the beginning. I walked in the door by being ahead 2 weeks with video. I created a video 5 days a week, and it included, a Robot training video, Technique Tip of the week, Tournament Highlight, Equipment Tip of the week, and a interview. They went from zero, to a full blown video program that shocked the other table tennis companies. No one had a person in-house that had that much skill. To write a quality video, shoot it, edit it, produce it, all the while looking, talking, and performing like a table tennis professional.

After 4 months of seeing me on the homepage of the Butterfly website 5 days a week, my wife decided the job looked legit and she relocated. Now, this is where things take a vicious turn downward. About one week after my wife had relocated to NC, the owner of Butterfly came to me and put my upcoming DTT project on the table for negotiating. If I told you I was taken back, it would be a understatement. To shed light on him knowing, about 8 months before I finished school, I contacted him with the idea of created a video program for Butterfly. My dress rehearsal was the 2007 Nationals. In a 5 day period, I submitted 27 video updates to the website. I had also told him about my side project of DTT. He was reluctant from the beginning, but after the Nationals videos went up, he became a believer.

Now, he was more than a believer, he was going corporate on me. The deal was, I give him my DTT program and he’ll give me 3% of the profits. Now, here is where things got fun for me, because my mom had already given me the golden nugget that gave birth the entrepreneur. I explained to him that DTT was not the Brian Pace racket deal. That racket is made in China somewhere, and the truth is anyone name can be on it. DTT consisted of 4 videos, and it was all created by me and the 22 years of experience. He explained that the company would pay for the production of the videos, and I told him I didn’t need it.

I explained to him that when I sent him the proposal for the video job 8 months before, it didn’t include DTT. He simple said, “I’m putting it on the table”. I then came over the top of his statement by saying, “How can you put something on the table that you don’t own”. That was the minute he knew it was going bad for him. Over the next 2 weeks, he came up with every crappy proposal that I shot down like a scud missile. The new offers started at 8%, and went to 30%. I didn’t do my negotiating by email. I did it face to face. That is how he offered me the 1% deal, and that is what I offered him in the end. He said, “Brian, 1% is no money”, then I said, “I’m glad that you know that it is no money, because that is how I felt about the Brian Pace racket for 10 years.”

Then radio silence for the weekend. Then the negotiating was handed to the General Manager of Butterfly like a hot potato. The last offer was “Give the company all your work and take 30%, or leave”.  I had a flashback to the conversation and the nugget with my mother. I then said, “Tell him, I will leave in 90 days. I have not done anything with my current job the would require me to leave immediately. Your boss is out of line for asking for something that is beyond the scope of my job. He is being greedy, and I’m calling him out on it. The General Manager agreed, and confirmed that I had 90 days to exit.

I walked around the Butterfly building like a free man amongst slaves, and the other workers could feel it. The owner of the company stopped talking to me, which was weird. That was when I realized I was dealing with a spoiled brat that couldn’t get what they wanted. It was weird for me to change my impression of the person that was responsible for my career, but I wasn’t going to be his slave any longer. I signed a deal that made him over 1 million dollars, and I made 11K. It was hard to image what it was like to be upset at someone for not giving you something that doesn’t belong to them. His entitlement had no limit, and I think he felt embarrassed by someone telling him “No”. Weeks went by and he would walk right by me in the hall. 22 years of telling him yes with no resistance, and the first time I told him “No”, the relationship is over. It was the first time in my life that I was watching the behavior of a spoiled brat.

He had to hit me low before I left, and he did it in the form of firing my best friend Oscar Melvin. Since 1993, Oscar had worked for Butterfly at the US Open, and the US Nationals every single year. He is the other person from the group that achieved a high level in table tennis like me. On this planet, he was the only person that could hold the owner responsible for such shady behavior. I told Oscar to stay out of it, because I didn’t want him to think less of the owner. Oscar came soon after and wanted to know why the owner was ignoring his calls. I still told him it was best for him to not know. Exactly, one week later he called me at home and said, you have to explain it now, and I said why? Oscar said he got a call from the person that sets up the tournament and said, “You will no longer be working at tournaments”. Wow! He did it. He ruined the relationship of a innocent person, because he wanted to do 2 things. He wanted to hurt me, and he didn’t want to look Oscar in the face. So I had to explain this to Oscar, since he was collateral damage.

The damage doesn’t end there. After the first video was shot, he fired Rafael Flores. Rafael is my best friend, and he was the hitting partner for me in Textbook Table Tennis video. He saw my best friend of 12 years as disloyal, and got rid of him. Man, this guys is really a spoiled brat to go this far to punish people that are my friends that don’t want anything to do with how the business deal went bad that he tried to put on the table. Of everything that had happened, this was the first thing that hurt my feeling. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone else being affected, but that was his goal. Actually, both Oscar and Rafael weren’t too upset, just more confused by what happened. I have a circle of friends, and over the last 20 years, the glue for that circle has been Oscar. Oscar has called every 2 weeks since I left Augusta in 1995. He called the owner every week from 1993 to 2008, when he stopped accepted his phone calls. All of this extra drama just because I wanted a life for myself.

What I realized now is the only way to honor my friends and this path, is to be extremely successful. That is how the 4 training videos that I have created, has now turn into 9 training videos. That is why I created a line of books on every aspect of improving in Table Tennis. That is why I created Table Tennis App coming out soon that is like nothing you have every seen. That is why I created a true “Online Table Tennis Program” that will be unmatched in the quality of content. That is why I created a Shadow Training Program. That is why I created a Video Training Program. I do have the owner to thank, because he made the name “Brian Pace” famous amongst companies that carry table tennis equipment. I now know that the name Brian Pace can make more than $130k per year, so there will be a Brian Pace racket coming soon. The owner of Butterfly needs to see this progression, and my success will remind him of the shame and insecurity. This is not to make his life difficult. It is to make him deal with himself on every level. You can’t get to where I am at without purging all everything that will hamper your ability to be a quality person. Because he has the money and the power, he can overlook improving internally. My success will make him look inwards. 

Don’t be surprised when the DTT rubber and rackets come out too, because that is down the line. These experiences have done nothing but create a beast of entrepreneur. None of the people have ever achieved a level like mine in table tennis, and none of them had my work ethic or talent to get their. I know that none of them can work has hard as me whether it is looping, working 18 hours in a day, or using a mop. I explained this story to say building your brand will come at a cost. I’m not sure if the incidents that happened along the way were worth it, but it did prove to me that my skin is also part “Turtle Shell”. Everything I have done with DTT over the last 6 years could have belonged to Butterfly if I was still thinking about being assimilated by the system. If my life’s work had gone to Butterfly, then what would I be worth? I would be worth nothing, and it has to be bigger than that. Everything I’m doing is for the picture below.

That is my little man Tristan Tiago Pace, and he is going to see a life where his father has been sucessful on every level of his life. He is going to see that his father is a business owner. He is going to see that his father doesn’t answer to any, well, except his mother. This has been the most rewarding experience of own my existence, but I work from home and spend most of the day with my son crawling around the floor screaming. If I had given my life’s work to Butterfly, I would still be slaving at the company, while he was reaping all the financial reward. I say no to anyone owning me, and in time I hope you can too.

I realized that the problem was me. I was trying to fit into the system that the owner of Butterfly had created for people. I saw behind the curtain, and my goal was to stand right along side him and offer products to the world. Why it looks as if this has been black and white thing, this is really about control and entitlement. Butterfly workers later explained to me that the owner felt I should have gave him my DTT project because he taught me how to play. After making over 1 million dollars off my name, the wanted more. That is not black and white, that is GREEN. Now, once DTT launched it caught the attention of some of the heavy hitters once it went worldwide.

Before I shot the video I contacted Killerspin, that is own by a black dude. It is going too far to call him a man. I have dealt with men, and he is definitely a dude. I offered to have his table, barriers, and gear in the video for a promotional fee. I never got a response back from him, and 8 months after Dynamic Table Tennis was a business, a racket came out from Killerspin named “Dynamic Table Tennis Bat”. This guy took the name of my company, and named it after a racket. I realized the environment of being a Professional Player is simple competitive. If you play better, then you win. The environment of the Business of Table Tennis is sick. Killerspin waited until I did all the hard work building myself, only to try to take some shine from me. That is the world of business. I want to say to the owner jerk of Killerspin, you can’t offend or hurt me, because the owner Butterfly already beat you to it.

I have taken you through this story to say that building your brand is a perfect way to be successful. I know that I’m the master of creating high quality table tennis content, and that is what the world has said about me. I have 60 times the subscribers than North American Table Tennis on my Youtube channel, and the owner said I was lazy and I was better off mopping the floor. I have double the amount of subscribers than Killerspin, and they have no one on their roster that has more skillsets than me. I have 5 times the subscribers as Butterfly, and I thank them the most. If there was a person that could hurt me and create collateral damage, then it was him. There is something that I know about all these companies, and it is they have not been at the bottom. Butterfly was passed down to the son. North American Table Tennis was funded the owner working for his dad Mortgage company. Killerspin was created with money from what the dad had created. These companies were passed down, and that is why they will never be humble. It is because they started with house money, so losing was not a problem DTT was build from the absolute bottom, what is going to make it successful is, the foundation is unbreakable. It is because the owner is unbreakable.

The reason that I didn’t mention the name of the people in Augusta, North Carolina, Maryland, or Chicago is because it doesn’t matter. It is actually of no consequence. These people represented experiences that I needed to have that fuel my journey to where I am right now. It didn’t stop with being violated by that person. That person helped advance the narrative forward for me. It wasn’t a step back, every one of those people represents a quantum leap forward, and it is a waste of time to actually mention their name, because the truth is these type of people are everywhere. What rings true for all of those people that don’t really know each other is “Art vs. Corporate Interest”, and some people would spend time being bitter, and you can see that it only made me better. I’m not thankful that it is over, because it may not be, but I’m thankful that it happen, because moving forward any attempt to own me is only going to make me come out of my shell into who I am supposed to be. I’m no longer fighting it, I’m embracing every part of it.

These companies need people like me, because I validate their product. I am the connection to why people spend their money to buy their products. What I have simple done is created that for myself. See, now I’m Brian Pace and no one cares what type of rubber is on my backhand. What they do know is I am a Professional Player, Professional Coach, and Table Tennis Professional. There is a reason to have 9000 subscribers and 1.9 million views, and it’s because I can build my network. You approach a sponsor and tell them you sell downloadable products, have a ton of views with a subscriber list that is growing each day on Youtube, and they are more than willing to listen. I have only decided to come out of retirement when I could create a new structure to sponsorship. This sponsorship doesn’t include needing or wanting an actual table tennis sponsor. It includes finding companies that want to expose their products to a different core audience. I have done that, and in 2015 you will see a DTT shirt full with 17 Non-Table Tennis sponsorships. I will take you through the process of how to get here. My hidden agenda is for your deal to be bigger than what a table tennis company can offer you.
Empty Front DTT Shirt
Imagine have sponsors on board that you can report back to about your competition all over the country, while you are representing their brand. Everything that I have been working towards has been to fund my life so I do the most favor thing in the world, and that is loop.

Stay tuned as I take you through filling up the front and back of this uniform.

Looper Out!