Loop Fundamentals Shadow Training Video

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The Loop Fundamentals Shadow Training Video is the most extensive video created that covers how to improve the Loop by taking you through a non-stop training routine the covers every possible way that you will ever us the Loop in competition. Learn to develop a higher aerobic ceiling, increase handspeed, improve stroke mechanics, develop more stroke awareness, as well as improving production.

  • Loop Fundamentals Breakdown
  • Forehand Loop Series
  • Backhand Loop Series
  • Stroke Chemistry
  • Stroke Chemistry & Footwork
  • Handspeed & Corework
  • Handspeed & Footwork
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Immediate Download (MP4), DVD Hard Copy

1 review for Loop Fundamentals Shadow Training Video

  1. Arnon (verified owner)

    Great video. Just finished it. Covers:
    – forehand
    – backhand
    – hand speed (I think it’s the first time I heard of this concept)
    – footwork
    The examples are easy to follow and ,IMO, can help improve your overall game.
    I’m determined to try out them.

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