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“Online Training for Table Tennis” presented by Dynamic Table Tennis is the most sophisticated online table tennis training program available. This program teaches you how to develop your skills to become a Tournament Player.

Development in the sport of table tennis is made up of so many skills and shots to develop that is can be a difficult task if you aren’t experience. Brian Pace, USATT National Level Coach has created a systematic training program that puts you on a steep incline to improve with the ultimate goal of participating in competition. The “Online Training for Table Tennis program consist of 8 exercises that develop of skillset needed to be a complete player in tournament play. When you sign up you will have access to the following videos each month:

  1. Serve & Attack Drill (Forehand & Backhand)
  2. Footwork Drill
  3. Topspin Play Drill
  4. Stroke Chemistry Drill
  5. Serve Drill
  6. Serve Return Drill
  7. Underspin Play & Short Game Drill
  8. Defense Drill

Each exercise has very detailed information so you know what to encounter when you are in the exercise. Each exercise has a theory you have to master, factor to considers, pros & cons of the exercise, tactical approach, as well as the common errors you will experience. This is all the information that you need going into each exercise. The goal of having all of this data is to improve the rate at which you improve, as well as minimizing any pitfalls.

This organized and systematic approach to training allows you to progress smoothly while gaining a higher level of complexity to each skillset that you train each month. The 8 exercises that you have access to each month give you the time to implement the drill, develop the skillset, make notes, and address your weaknesses. This is the type of program that keeps getting more complex as you continue to improve, because all of the exercises in this program build on the previous exercise. This program will create a solid technical base, which transforms into a high-level tactical base in tournament play.

Sign up for Tournament Table Tennis is the “Online Training Program” that you have been looking for if you have ever wanted a professional to take the guesswork out of what you should do. If you are looking for a structured training program from a professional player and professional coach, then this is the program for you.




Online Training for Table Tennis is a membership program. When you sign up, there will be 2 videos that go live each week. The schedule is as follow

Week 1: One Serve & Attack & Footwork Drill
Week 2: Topspin Play & Stroke Chemistry
Week 3: One Serve Drill & One Serve Return Drill
Week: 4: Underspin Play/Shortgame & Defense

This approach allows everything that needs to be developed in table tennis to be addressed in a structured training environment. The ultimate goal is to be able to reach the tournament as a fully-prepared competitor.


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