Tournament Table Tennis – Training & Tournament Plan

This training plan is a combination of the “Training Plan” and the “Tournament Plan”, and it has been created for the player that want a complete Table Tennis Training Program. This Plan has all the metrics from the Tournament Plan listed below:

• Stroke Production
• Stroke Timing
• Body Movement
• Body Position
• Footwork
• Foot Position
• Table Awareness
• Professionally Edited Video
• Handcrafted Training Video
• Email Communication

This Training Plan also includes all the metrics from the “Tournament Analytics and Video Plan” listed below:

• Skillset Analytics
• Point Breakdown & Coaches Notes
• Shot Analytics
• Total Tournament Data
• Professionally Edited Video
• Handcrafted Training Videos
• Email Communication
• Skype Video Session

This is the Training Plan that is for the ambition Table Tennis player that really want to reach the limit of their skill and ability, and need professional help to accomplish this goal. If you are a player that feels in their heart that they can achieve a high level in table tennis, then this program is for you.

Video Submission
For the “Training Plan & Tournament Video Plan” you will need to submit one complete tournament match, or a complete practice match so that Tournament Table Tennis Software can bring back complete data that is accurate. After you sign-up and have paid, you will need to send your video via dropbox. After your video has been received, you will get email confirmation that the video has landed in our dropbox. Within 24 hours you will be given a tentative date at which your video will be analyzed and sent back to you.



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