The Table Tennis KitchenIf you are table tennis player that is looking to improve your table tennis performance, then there is no other place to look than your kitchen. Your table tennis performance is made up of aspects like speed, power, endurance, weight loss, and recovery. Your training in table tennis improves all those aspects, but you can take it a step further.

This is the perfect book that will allow you to improve your kitchen habits with the sole purpose of improving your table tennis performance. You can’t always play at your best, but with improving¬† your health from your kitchen you can always feel at your best. When you feel at your best, it is a much higher chance that you can create a performance that is above average.

The Table Tennis Kitchen breaks down the systematic ways that you can improve your performance from the kitchen. Supplements and nutrition have reached a level where they can prove how effective they are at improving performance. This book shows you how to implement the following:

  1. Juicing for Speed
  2. Juicing for Endurance
  3. Juicing for Recovery
  4. Smoothies for Performance
  5. Super Supplements for Table Tennis
  6. Eliminating Meat & Dairy
  7. Meatless Dishes
  8. The Benefits of Herbs
  9. The Benefits of Spices
  10. Nuts, Oils, Seeds, and others

¬†If you are interested in improving your table tennis performance, go pick up “The Table Tennis Kitchen” here on Amazon