Are you a player that really struggles in tournament play? Do you have a problem translating your training into a viable tournament performance? Have you every had your performance analytics broken down in a way that allows you to exactly pinpoint what you did in tournament play? If these question still leave you with no answer, then the “Tournament Play Video Analyzation” program created by Brian Pace at Dynamic Table Tennis is perfect for you. Brian has spent the greater part of 20 years perfecting this training program covertly while producing 4 National Champions, with one of them at the 2018 US Nationals.

Tournament Performance Analyzed
When competitive players are reviewing their tournament footage, they really are unsure of what they are looking at. This is Dev Jhaveri, an up and coming junior from India in my “Tournament Play Video Analyzation” training program. This is a simple point played where Dev loss the point.

Here is my assessment of what Dev did incorrect technically, tactically, and mentally.

As you can see there is a lot information that is unpacked in that one point. With this program, your entire performance is broken down into what you did correct/incorrect from every aspect of the game. You can see that Dev overpowered the backhand out of having too much anxiety. You can also see that Dev had a missed opportunity by not playing his backhand wide to his opponent’s forehand. You can also see that Dev made an mental error by looking away from the table and focusing on the advice he was getting. He should have kept his head forward and nodded yes, while maintaining focus.

Performance Analytics Breakdown
Your performance is broken down into the follow categories below for you to understand exactly what to pinpoint with regards to where the error was made. 


Professionally Edited Tournament Footage
Every point that is played is put through these analytics that allow you to understand which category that the error is under, as well as how the shot was played incorrectly. This is some of the best information you can get because it allow you to see the trends that you are creating in your match play. Being able to create language with regards to your performance will make it easier for you to retain the information when watching your match, as well as improving the focus when in training.

Tournament Analytics Displayed
Having your performance professionally edited is something that dramatically improves the experience of getting a return video. Your video is paused at the appropriate moment, and is animated to show you exactly where the error is. As an added bonus the video has voiceover to further explain exactly where the focus should be. Here is a example of the analytics being animated with voiceover.

Live Skype Assessment Session (1 hour)
To provide additional added bonus to this training session, being able to chat directly through Skype is the best way to get the most out of a live session to go over. This can be a consultation to go over the returned video, or it can be a training session that focuses on improve technique or gameplay. Below is an example of working with student in a real-time Skype Session.

Assess Your Coach
This is a highly sophisticated training program, and not any type of coach can create this program. Before you commit your hard earned money to this program, please assess your coach. If any coach is offering this, ask them to show you footage that they have done this program before like the videos that are in the blog post. Ask them how my clients they have done this for. Ask them if they have any videos like this on Youtube, since that is the most popular media platform the view table tennis videos. You can see I have a video called the “Coaching Files” that have over 120k views on my Youtube Channel.

It is important for you to know that you are dealing with someone that you can trust your training program with instead of someone that has thought up an idea, and have decided to offer it to the world without knowing if it has been polished off.

Beware of Frauds
Below is a company that I’m not associated with using my image to promote a product that they don’t have a price for. They are assuming that people will be interested in the program as they see my image in the background. Customers have contacted me to see if I was in charge of this program, and I confirmed that I’m NOT. Those people ended up signing up for my program after I explained to them what you see in this blog post. I have local, regional, national, and international clients in this program, and this program has been on my website since 2014. I would strongly advise you to ask the person in this program if they have ever developed a National Champion once, or more than once. I would strongly advise you to ask the person in charge of this program if they have any professional editing background to deliver a return video that uses animation to show what errors you have made. I would strongly advise you to ask the person in charge of this program to send you a sample of their “Competitive Player Video” program that they did for a client, not themselves. I would also strongly advise the person in charge of this program if they have a history of working with the top US coaches, or living at the Olympic Training Center in a structured program, or if they have played Professionally in Europe. I think after asking those question you will be able to understand that there is a difference between what they are offering that is “Self-Taught”, versus someone with a 25 years Professional resume like me. I’m extremely “Reputation Protective”, and I don’t want anyone so use an image of me to promote a product when I’m not associated with them in no way, or fashion.










Online Booking Made Easy
This program is $500.00 for 10 training session, along with drills for each session. If you are finding that the price of $500.00 is too much for a new program that you don’t understand, then from this page you can click “Book Appointment” and pay $50.00 for just one session. Below is a video that takes you through the process.

I have taken the guesswork out of what you need to do if you don’t have coach, and are serious about improving through structured systematic training. My name is Brian Pace, and I have created the best online training product with “Tournament Play Video Analyzation”. Book a session and start getting better, today.