Top Tournament Tactics


The Tournament Tactics Training Video is the most comprehensive video every created that soley focuses on how to dominate in tournament play by uses tactics. There are many different styles and skills, and this video shows how to get the victory when you match up against your opponent. In this video, you will learn the following.

  1. Tournament Play Analytics
  2. Tactics Against Attackers
  3. Tactics Against Defensive Players
  4. Tactics Against Choppers
  5. Tactics Against Lefty’s
  6. Tactics Against Short Pips Players
  7. Tactics for Serving
  8. Tactics for the Serve Return
  9. Tactics for Defensive Play
  10. Tactics for Counterattacking
  11. How to Coach Tactics
  12. Training with the Pros – Eliza Samara

This video covers everything you will possibly need to know to equip you with how to exploit your opponent’s weakness and achieve victory.

Get the Tournament Tactics Training video and start winning, Today!

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